Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani
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Our membership standards are purposely very high, our financial and time commitments are not for everyone, and our dedication to a more caring world requires significant expectations that not everyone can meet. But for those who qualify, this Knights Templar Order offers an unequaled Worldclass Chivalric Order with an international network of some of the most sophisticated and influential professional men and women from over 40 different nations.

We invite applications from Men and Women who satisfy our high standards of membership and who can demonstrate a sustained and outstanding contribution to public service. This could be an honourable record in the Armed or Police forces, a distinguished career in public service or education, accomplishment in the arts and sciences, a history of dedicated volunteer work. Many of our members are in public office, including the clergy, or in the liberal professions. However, service and dedication are by no means limited to the so-called "elite." Frequently people with more unassuming professions and homemakers prove to be true bastions of civility, decency and dedication in our society. These silent heroes have a place of honour among us.

Membership Requirements as detailed in the Byelaws of the ‘Order’.

The ‘Order’ expects that:

•     Prospective Members will be at least eighteen years old
•     Prospective Members will be free to join the ‘Order’ without restriction
•     Prospective Members will require an existing Member, in good standing, too become their sponsor
•     Members will obey the lawful commands of their Superiors. (Commands should not impinge on a Member’s civil, legal or family duties)
•     Members must be a loyal citizen and be willing to discharge their duties to God, their family and themself
•     Members will abide by the Constitution and Byelaws of the ‘Order’
•     Members will adhere to the guidelines within the Knights Manual
•     Members will attend Meetings regularly
•     Members will be of a high moral calibre
•     Members must believe in Christian chivalric ideals
•     Members will be encouraged to Serve the ‘Order’
•     Members will be encouraged to fulfill the Objectives of the ‘Order’
•     Members will remember the code of Chivalry at all times
•     Members will pay their Oblations on time
•     Members will serve their time before advancing in rank

Application Process

Step 1:    Download, print and complete the GPFT application form. Click HERE for the form). This form fulfils a dual role in applying for membership of the Grand Priory of the Knights Templar in Scotland as well.

Step 2:    Return the completed form to the secretary@scottishknightstemplar.org with the following detail embedded into the email:

A:     Confirmation that you have read the Disclaimer on the website and have no issues with it.
B:     Confirmation that you have downloaded the Constitution and Byelaws of the Order and have no issue with them.
C:     Complete a 1 page essay on why you wish to become a Member of our ‘Order’ and what you would contribute to being an Active Member of the ‘Order’.
D:     Detail any additional information that you feel may useful for your application.
E:     Two References from Professional or Vocational persons ie. your Clergy, Professor, Doctor, Banker, Lawyer, Professional Organisation etc.
F:     Approval for us to contact your references in advance.

Step 3:    Should we decide to progress you application to the next level, we would normally contact you for either a face to face informal chat or an invite to one of our social functions. We would be pleased if you could attend this meeting with either a copy or the original of your passport or driving licence.

Step 4:    After a number of Social and Ceremonial functions have passed, you may be invited to become a Postulant to the ‘Order’. As a Postulant, you have no rights or privileges and it is often seen as a time to get to know each other better.

Step 5:    If you are still interested you will then be offered, subject to further invitation, to join us as a Companion of the Order. There is a small administrative joining fee for this and after your ceremonial induction you will be allowed to wear the insignia and dress of a Companion of the Order.

At this time, an existing Member will agree to sponsor your application and you will be tasked with certain objectives. These objectives should not interfere with your civil or religious duties.

This is when your Service to the ‘Order’ begins in ernest!

Step 6:    If you have completed your objectives with excellence, and subject to the authority being granted by the Grand Council (GPFT and Scotland), you will be invited to attend a ceremonial for your investiture as a Knight or Dame of the ‘Order’.

The Investiture is an important ceremonial for any Knight or Dame. It marks the point where you are admitted as a full member of the ‘Order’, with full rights and privileges. It is not taken lightly and for the person concerned, it is often a very emotional and spiritual event. A further small fee is incurred at this point.

Promotions of Rank:

If you constantly excel in your Service to the ‘Order’ you may be invited to progress upwards through the ‘Order’s Chivalric Ranks.

For your reference, the ranks are:

Knight or Dame - KTJ or DTJ
Knight or Dame Commander - KCTJ or DCTJ
Grand Officer - GOTJ
Grand Cross - GCTJ

The Grand Cross is the highest rank attainable and can only be given with the authorisation of the Grand Master of the Order (OSMTH).

Caveat - Immediate entry of suitably qualified applicants to higher ranks.

In certain circumstances, such as an existing member of a recognised Chivalric Order, or someone who carries a noble or worthy title, may enter the ‘Order’ at a higher rank. This would have to be agreed by the Executive of the ‘Order’ and would depend entirely on each individual circumstance.

The Constitution and Byelaws of the ‘Order’ detail further the ranks, privileges and the wearing of regalia.


Jacques De Molay, 23rd Grand Master

Jacques De Molay,
23rd Grand Master
Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani - The Grand Priory of Knights Templar in Scotland - Reg No: SC314552