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OSMTH is an International Non Governmental Organisation, registered in Geneva, Swiss Reg No: CH-660.1.972777-4 and is in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Member of the Confederation of Non Governmental Organisations and the International Peace Bureau.


Welcome to the national website of The Grand Priory of Knights Templar in Scotland, working as the Commandery of St Clair, Scotland, No S1, an OSMTH Commandery under Mentorship of the Grand Priory of France, OSMTH.

Our Order was founded on the principles first adopted by the original Templar Knights in France in the Year 1118 and carried out in those early days from their home in the Temple of Solomon in the Holy City of Jerusalem, provided for them by then King of Jerusalem Baldwin, the Second. Our Mentoring Order, the Grand Priory of France (GPFT), being part of OSMTH International, is officially recognised by the United Nations with Special Consultative Status.

The name of the International Order is known as “The Supreme Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem” (SMOTJ) or in latin as “Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani” (OSMTH). It is more commonly referred to as the “The Knights of the Temple” or “The Knights Templar”.

Today, our Order operates in a Modern World and welcomes Members of all Christian Religions, and focuses on matters of human rights, political and religious freedom, and humanitarian aid to the world's less fortunate.

We often find ourselves working with and through other Partner Organisations, the senior leadership of our nations, and with other Non-Governmental Organizations [NGO] in order to provide humanitarian aid and other involvement in resolution of serious humanitarian needs or political, ethnic, and religious conflict. Engaging the respect and credibility of our membership, we are able to bring resolution and assistance in matters that quite often become bogged down in the bureaucracy of governments and regulations. Our objectives include the international promotion of inter-cultural and inter-religious contacts and worldwide networks in order to help build bridges of brotherhood between nations and cultures, as well as individual good works performed by individual anonymous Knights and Dames. As ecumenical Christians, we also seek to increase awareness of conflicts and their causes and in so doing, work towards their future prevention and ultimate peaceful coexistence of all nations.

The Grand Priory of the Knights Templar in Scotland aspires to foster a cosmopolitan society in which differences among peoples, cultures, and governments will be both respected and appreciated. We seek the betterment of humanity through education, world brotherhood, chivalric principles, and civil behavior and treatment among one-another.

Our Members can be seen at many local, national and international events wearing the Insignia of the Order, which is the red cross pattee. At ceremonial events, such as our Investitures, our fully invested Members proudly wear the insignia, just like the original Knights Templars, on the left breast of a white mantle.

Our membership standards are purposely very high, our financial and time commitments are not for everyone, and our dedication to a more caring world requires significant expectations that not everyone can meet. But for those who qualify, this Knights Templar Order offers an unequaled Worldclass Chivalric Order with an international network of some of the most sophisticated and influential professional men and women from over 40 different nations.

Please take some time to read our Disclaimer page. We are aware of a number of Knight Templar Orders operating in Scotland, none of which are affiliated to the Grand Priory of France (GPFT), nor to OSMTH International. Our Objectives page identifies our short and long term mission. The Administration link clarifies how the Order operates in Scotland.

Please enjoy our website. If you have any questions or problem with the site, then please use the Contact page to get in touch with us.

If, after spending time reading our site, you feel that you are interested in becoming a Member of this Illustrious Order then follow the link to visit the Membership page.



Jacques De Molay, 23rd Grand Master

Jacques De Molay,
23rd Grand Master
Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani - The Grand Priory of Knights Templar in Scotland - Reg No: SC314552